This small store located in Barcelona on Carrer Llibreteria, one of the most touristic streets of the Gothic neighbourhood needed a radical change: the current state of the store was not appealing and without any quality detail.

The clients looked for an interior design studio capable of completely transforming the premises in a short time and they also needed a new branding and corporate image.

In LF24 we have managed to do all the reform in just 7 days of work, at the same time another part of our team has been responsible for the study of the corporate image, designing a fresh and modern logo that perfectly complemented the image of the store.

DIFFERENT BARCELONA is a gift and souvenir shop that differs from most stores of this genre. In Barcelona there are hundreds of stores that sell the same items. In Different Barcelona objects and gifts are designed and created by local brands and local artists.

The interior design of the shop is very simple, we have covered all the walls with OSB boards, the shelves and the furniture are made with varnished DM boards. In this way we create a contrast between walls and furniture.

Part of the walls are painted with the green logo and the exterior carpentry is painted in mustard yellow. At the back of the store in the area of the cash register we lined the walls with the same OSB board but in this case it was painted white, maintaining the aesthetics and texture of the board but giving to the space more light and a more spacious feeling.

We have restored the original floor, rinsed and polished.

And as a complementary decoration we have combined 3 industrial hoods and spider lamps designed by our studio, a recurrent element in the LF24 projects.

The most important thing demanded by the clients for this project was the speed of execution and in LF24 we have achieved it in just one week of work, fulfilling the expectations of the clients in all aspects.