How to define interior design?

The interior designer is commonly associated with a figure similar to a stylist rather than an architect.

In reality, interior design is a discipline that pays particular attention to the practical and functional aspects of living, or working (residential or commercial interior design), such as furniture that has the correct dimensions, respecting passage spaces, comfortable and functional furniture, the materials and technologies used should always be of a good quality, ensuring a good compromise between comfort and energy savings and between beauty and functionality.

In LF24 we are dedicated to designing and decorating interior spaces, whether these are homes, offices or commercial premises, taking care of the entire process, from the initial ideas, through the development of the concept, the processing of documentation and construction projects, until the hiring of the different professionals of each sector.

Likewise, we supply all the materials, furniture and decorative objects necessary for the completion of the project. We take care of all the reform or rehabilitation, interior design or architecture project from the beginning to the delivery of the keys.

Our top priority is not only to achieve a good aesthetic, but above all we strive to accomplish a perfect functionality, very important to guarantee the success of a project. As important as knowing how to listen and define the different demands and needs of each client.

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