Interior design projects Barcelona

In LF24 we carry out architecture, interior design and decoration projects with extreme professionalism and with the guarantee of years of experience that guarantee us and allow us to always achieve an excellent result.

Our team of professionals faces each project as a new challenge. We believe that we must work with passion and dedication and above all we must adapt to the needs of each client, because for our study each project is something special and unique.


Estudio de interiorismo en Barcelona LF24

Our studio is distinguished by the ability of our architects and interior designers to analyse and study the needs of each client and turn them into an innovative project adapted to the style and budget of the user. Our philosophy requires us to create new, special and quality projects in each case.

From the beginning of the process we always look for new ideas and adapt them to the client’s personality. In LF24 we are characterized by originality and exclusivity. We are unique and special. Who chooses the services of our studio, in addition to the design and the unique style, chooses a great professionalism and an impeccable project management that allows us to carry out our projects under a strict control that guarantee the fulfilment of the budgets and the agreed deadlines.

The main goal of each work is the complete satisfaction of our clients, capturing in each project their own philosophy of life and developing the process based on their needs and requirements. In addition, the services contracted with our studio are made to last throughout the years with the maximum guarantee after the delivery of the keys.


In addition LF24 is specialized in integral reforms and we work as contractors. In this way the user will have a single intermediary. We work in this way because we know that the hiring of several companies causes inconveniences and delays at the time of the execution of work. We manage all the development of the work from the beginning to the delivery of keys. We have a team of industrial experts in various sectors able to meet the needs of each project, studying and choosing in each process the best option. The involvement of a single interlocutor streamlines the process of development and execution of the work. In this way, problems of coordination are avoided and eliminates the unnecessary costs that may arise from poor management of the project.

Our team of architects, interior designers, decorators and professionals from each sector are dedicated from the start to find the most appropriate solutions for each case. Our services are adapted not only to the needs of each client but also to the function and use of each project, whether residential or commercial. We fuse the functional side with the aesthetic because it is the key to guarantee a successful result and the only way to satisfy also the most demanding clients.