This small penthouse located in Blanes a few meters from the beach of S’Abanell, has an area of only 50m2 in the interior plus 15 m2 of terrace overlooking the sea. Before the renovation, this apartment was fragmented, with dark and tiny spaces, decorated without any criteria. The clients wanted a beach apartment, bright and with a Mediterranean character.

When decorating our house, many ideas come to mind, but the main one is the intention to turn the new space into our home. To achieve this we try to pass part of our character to the house, customize it according to our needs and our tastes. The most audacious ones risk in the design creating interiors with strong colours and daring combinations, and the most traditional ones will opt for classic furniture and a functional distribution.

How do you imagine the ideal home? If you are one of those who seeks above all peace and tranquillity when crossing the threshold of your house this penthouse has all the necessary comforts to relax and enjoy listening to the sound of the sea and the twittering of the flying birds. Did you know that white adds brightness, light and spaciousness to the rooms? White is also ideal for creating harmonious environments.

In our interior design studio we have created a single open space for the living room and the kitchen-dining room. The floor is responsible for differentiating the rooms and the white marble gives way to a rustic oak floor in the living area. The white tiling on the front of the kitchen becomes grey in the living room.

For this penthouse in Blanes (Girona), our interior designers opted for a decoration based on white. A very appropriate colour for all types of interiors because thanks to its versatility it fits perfectly well with any decorative style and with almost all colours. In the kitchen it has been combined with wood and neutral tones, thus achieving a warm space.

The white floor continues outside the kitchen area, reaching the terrace. On the right the wood marks the limit of the space dedicated to leisure in the interior. The back wall has been painted white, so that the light coming through the windows flows throughout the room and illuminates both the kitchen and the living room and the hall of the apartment.

We followed the path of the white marble tiles and we arrive at a surprising outer space. A canopy cover will protect from the sun allowing the owners to enjoy the wonderful views of the sea and the little white houses without mishap. The cover in natural tones blends perfectly with the white walls, and the brick colour tiles of the floor provide a rustic touch within this renewed Mediterranean decoration.

On the other side of the terrace, the wooden furniture has been chosen to complete the decoration of this oasis and at the end of the wooden seat a simple wooden planter box has been created so that the green component enhances the decoration of the exterior. An open door invites us to return inside the house…

Light colours are able to enhance light, both natural and artificial and become very useful instruments in small rooms. In the bedroom, the same white colour is used to create a pleasant space combined with oak parquet. The lamps next to the head of the bed are a recurring design in our projects, are designed by our studio as if they were sculptures and the way in which black cables have been used provide a dynamic and fun character to the bedroom.

The other bedroom is much more homogeneous than the previous one. Entirely white, this room transmits calm and serenity. The wood has been used in the headboard and on the bedside tables on both sides of the bed thus providing the home touch, without subtracting a bit from the overall design.

White bathrooms are often cold and aseptic rooms. Wanting to create a feeling of maximum hygiene there are times when their design is neglected and they become unwelcoming spaces. As you can see this is not the case in this bathroom: from the tiled walls to the details below and above the sink create a simply beautiful and comfortable place.